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How often do spark plugs need to be changed?

My car is over 10 years old and under 80,000 miles. I use good grade gas and change my oil every 3 months or 3000 miles, whichever comes first - usually months.

I bought this car %26quot;dirty%26quot; 6 years ago and cleaned it up - oil, filters, trans. fluid, etc. - but not the spark plugs.

They cleaned up on their own with the higher grade gas and other things running clean. My car runs so smooth I can't hear the engine running - have cranked it a few times because of that.

So bottom line, if your car is running rough, make sure everything is cleaned up to get rid of the gunk and use the middle grade gas like Mobile that has detergents for your engine in the gas.

Change the plugs after the rest is done if you haven't kept up with basic maintenance. The clean up of the rest will affect how the plugs should be adjusted to run smooth - no sense in doing it twice.

Keeping your fluids clean in your car will make it last a whole lot longer with a lot less major breakdowns over time. Oil and trans fluid are the most important to keep clean and filled at all times.

Hope that helps. :)
How often do spark plugs need to be changed?
Thank you for selecting my answer. I hope it helps you to have a great running vehicle for many years!

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How often do spark plugs need to be changed?
depends on the car really, a newer car will not need it as often. but it is good to have at least 1 checked every 6 months
A good mechanic will replace them when you have your car serviced automatically.
go by owners manual... if a used car and you don;t know the history... change them now.... before winter...
I was pretty sure every 60,000 miles.
it will vary from car to car. Every car has service intervals that have been set in place by the manufacturer. These service intervals will telll you when you need to change your spark plugs, belts, When to get your fluids flushed and so forth and so on. You can get this information from a dealer or go to your local shop and ask them to print out your next several service intervals and check em out. If you rather you can call up the shop and ask them to look up the service interval your plugs need to be changd. I cant ttell you exactly as every cars service intervals vary.
Some of the newer cars have some very expensive spark plugs; some cars have some very special plkatinium plugs not available world wide. You had best go by the owner's manual when you decide to replace plugs. Many of the high performance sports cars have special long life plugs that can run 50K miles or more. The minimum you should do is to remove the plugs and reset the gaps whenever possible. Be very careful about gap settings and dual coil or coil over plugs that provide higher RPMs, and higher arc voltages.
need to know year andmodel some plugs you dont change for 100,000
Depends a lot on the Engine, Driving Conditions, Driver, Type of Plugs, Wires, Etc. Average; 60,000 to 100,000 Miles.
I am unsure but I think you should consult with a professional.
like every 2 months or you will blow a head

How often should you change your spark plugs?

I seem to have miss-placed my service manual. I have a 2003 Dodge Intrepid and I last changed them in February of 2007.
How often should you change your spark plugs?
I replace mine every 10,000. Don't waste your time trying to re gap them yourself. They only cost about 5 bucks each and your better of just getting new ones anyway. Don't buy those silly platinum ones either, they only last about the same as the regular spark plugs.
How often should you change your spark plugs?
A timepiece has little to do with whether something mechanical is worn or not.

I bought a vehicle with 150,000 miles that specified a 100k interval and found the original plugs all looking normal considering the number of miles they had. I only changed them as a rule while looking for a stumbling problem that turned out unrelated.

You should change plugs when the engine has issues but air cleaner and intake related parts get a cleaning first.

Try the link below.
Any modern platinum tipped spark plug like your truck probably had installed as original equipment can last up to 100,000 miles. I have 90,000 miles on the original plugs in my 2000 Taurus and the gap has barely worn in all those miles. The car runs great. If the gap were a lot wider than specification, I might worry about excessive strain on the ignition system.
usually it is every 60,000 to 100,000 depending on the type of plug. platnium and iridium tipped plugs last longer and have better spark. they may cost more but they are worth it. you would also need to replace a plug if it has been fouled out which means it has oil on it, graphite shading, antifreeze, lean/rich conditions. if you take a plug out and look at the end there will be a little elbow piece and a piece directly above that if it is worn unevenly not straight and there is a big gap replace it.
Every 30-40 thousand miles but you should take them out and clean them with a wire brush or a wire wheel every normal maintenance.
It is due every 30k
75,000 miles......
Ugh, anyone want to change the plugs on my LT1 Formula? :(
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  • How often should you change your spark plugs?

    I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer, with 52,000k. Is it time for me to change the plugs and wires? If so, is there a certain plug that is better than others? Or are they all the same?
    How often should you change your spark plugs?
    Spark plugs in modern vehicles are platinum tipped and do not require maintenance as often. I have seen as many as 120,000 miles out of a set of plugs before they start causing problems, but they can start breaking down as early as 60,000 miles. Your particular vehicle lists a spark plug change interval at 100,000 miles. I would always suggest changing the plugs with what was original from the factory, as this is the plug that the engine was designed with. If you are not having any engine concerns, I would go by the schedule provided in your owner's manual.
    How often should you change your spark plugs?
    If your trailblazer is still getting the same gas mileage and no drop off of engine performance, I would not change the plugs yet. The factory is claiming that you should not need to change the plugs and wires until the vehicle reaches100,000 miles. I have not had to change my 1999 GM vehicle's plugs and wires yet. I have not noticed any drop-off in performance or gas mileage. I do on a routine basis check the condition of the ignition coil wires to check for possible wear. If you feel that you do need to change your plugs and wires always use AC Delco parts for your GM vehicle. I have found good success using these parts.
    Are you sure that this vehicle has wires? If it does then I would change them every 100,000 miles. I've usually traded in a car before I've every replaced the wires. As long as they don't get damaged, I'd leave them alone. The plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles and the best bet is what came on the vehicle originally. I don't trust the 100,000 mile tune up bit. Even new plugs wear out and emissions and fuel economy will suffer.
    Check your owners manual. Latter engines go longer with out plug changes up to 100,000. Look for AC plugs for that car. (or denso since AC no longer makes their own plugs) Wires would only need to be changed if there is a problem. Spark jumping, or to much resistance in wire.
    Yes, it's good time to change plugs, but use only those that are specified for this car - buy them from the dealer. It might be OK to change just plugs alone if you don't have any problems (e.g cracks, misfiring) with the wires right now.
    these must be pretty good iridium mostly comes from meteors鈥?/a>

    any plug is ok, your best off just replacing them with what you have, don't go to a dealer they will triple the price of the same plug you can buy at any auto parts store (a typical plug is less then $4)
    I use A/C plugs and heavy duty life time wires

    yes it's time for you to change them
    with today's long lasting wires and plugs you can get a lot of miles out of them,,but it is best to change plugs at or around 25-30.000,,and the wires at 50-60.000,,this way the stay in good shape,,they will last a lot longer,,but the heat from today's engines is much hotter than the older ones was,,they only used a 180 degree thermostat,,today's cars run a 195 degrees,,there's a lot of difference,,as for your vehicle,,its about time to change the plugs and the wires,,just to be safe,,on your vehicle,,be sure when you take it to have it serviced,,that the check all the fittings in the front so that they can be greased,,i had one this week in my shop that had not had the fittings put in it from the factory,,and had not been greased yet,,otherwise your OK,,just keep up[ all the regular maintenance on it,,and it will last a long time,,i do this for a living,,i hope this help,s.
    change ur plugs every 30,000 wires maybe every 60,000 and as far as spark plugs i have had great luck with the autolite plugs u can get them any where or u can go with OEM AC Delco plugs which are alittle more exspensive you dont have to go over board with a exspensive spark plug
    The Trailblazer uses coil on plug ignition, there are no wires. I have 2002 Trailblazer with about the same amount of miles and I don't believe the plugs have ever been changed, and aren't in bad condition to need replacement. Your best bet would be to inspect the plugs for buildup or excessive wear on the electrodes before buying new ones.

    My 89' S-10 will not start.?

    When I turn the key the engin turns, but fails to start. Every so often it acks like it will start but dosen't. So I changed the plugs, and it worked for a week or two. At that point I changed the plug wires, cap, rotor button and checked the fuses. I made shure to put every thing back together the way it had came off. it started and I drove to work and back, and now ti dosn't start at all. At this point I take the distributer cap back off inspect it put it back on.... nothing. My next step is checking for fuel and spark. it's getting fuel and spark, how ever the spark from the coil is white, and the spar from the plugs are reddish orange. I am at a loss of what to do now.
    My 89' S-10 will not start.?
    Sounds like a weak battery although it could be a bad ground or loose connection.Make sure the condensor is secured well and check for loose ground from battery to engine connection.Could also be a bad ignition module in the distributor.Correct all leaking vacuum hoses.If it was dying at stop signs before you will need to rebuild the carburetor.Make sure alternator pully belt is tensioned properly.
    My 89' S-10 will not start.?
    I have been working on cars for 15 yrs now and that sounds like your starter babe but also have you battery and alternator check too
    i think it can be the alternator or starter.... you should take it out and go to schucks or something and they can test if for you.
    Try replacing the coil--spark at the plugs should be blueish-white---sounds like the coil is weak, probably from age. Since you have new wires, I would say that there's not high resistance in the wires and make sure plugs are gapped properly. Try starting it by having someone pour a little gas down the carb while cranking it to see if it fires up---could be low fuel pressure also. Filter changed recently? Pump worn out?

    2005 Dodge Stratus Sedan Problem?

    I have an '05 2.4L Sedan with about 78000 miles on it. The car runs fine, but a couple of months ago, the driver headlight went out. I changed both the bulbs with the Xtravision lights as well as the turning signals. Now the dash, radio, and headlights flicker constantly.

    The battery is not even a year old, has a 3 year warranty, and higher cold cranking amps than the stock. The car does not shut off, but I am concerned about this.

    As for repairs on the vehicle, they are typical. New tires, battery, timing belt and water pump, all new fuses, NGK Iridium spark plugs, K%26amp;N air filter, and I recently had a transmission filter service.

    I take care of the car very well. I use premium all the time from Chevron with the Fuel treatment every so often. I also use Mobil 1 oil in the car. Sometimes I use the 3rd to D trick sometimes, but nothing that would blow a head gasket.

    Any advice would be helpful as well as comments on how to improve performance and/or longevity that don't involve gimmicks. Thanks in advance.
    2005 Dodge Stratus Sedan Problem?
    just continue to do good maintenance on it and keep all the filters changed and clean on it and you,ll get more mileage out of it from doing that than any add on,s that you could do to it,i own two of those cars and both mine are approaching the 200k mark and so far both are doing real good,leave it stock if you want it to last as long as possible,most of the add on parts that you find wont pay off in the long run because the gain in horse power isn't worth the loss in fuel mileage,you got the right idea on it just keep up with what your doing an you,ll get more miles from it ,good luck on it,it should last you well beyond the 200 k mark.

    When should I perform these routine maintenance?

    First of all, I have a 1989 Toyota Cressida and I live in southern California.

    I'm creating a maintenance checklist for myself, but I need some help doing so.

    I'm going to list a bunch of car maintenance items. Please tell me how often and how I should %26quot;perform%26quot; or %26quot;check%26quot; each task (every X miles or X months/years or whichever comes first... or however you best describe it).

    Feel free to modify the list. Add, remove,rearrange items (from highest priority to lowest etc), or put into categories the way you think it would be a more convenient.

    And note anything that should be checked/changed at the same time for convenience purposes.

    radiator cap

    air filter

    fuel filter

    spark plugs


    wiper blades



    water level


    fuel hoses

    radiator hose


    timing belt

    fan belt


    engine oil


    brake fluid

    power steering

    radiator fluid


    windshield washer





    air pressure

    wheel bearings

    brake pads


    oil level every fuel-up
    When should I perform these routine maintenance?
    The owners manual should have most of those items listed in it. If yours is missing, go to an auto parts store and get a Haynes manual for around $20. If you are short on cash, here is a link I found.鈥?/a>
    When should I perform these routine maintenance?
    alot of these items should have been changed a long time ago.

    a better idea is to join a model specific forum and share your pains and triumphs with a group. here is a site with a cressida following

    What's wrong with my bike? Runs like crap.?

    OK, here's my problem. My Kawasaki Ninja 250R is running horribly, and I use it often. As if, it was running great yesterday, and 2 days later, it has this weird problem. Let me explain.

    First, when you cold start the bike, no matter how much choke you apply to it, as soon as it starts, it shuts down as soon as you pull on the throttle handle or the revs stay up high (about 3000 RPMs) and as soon as I take the choke off one bit, it immediately shuts down!!. It does that like 30 times (shuts down immediately upon feeding it throttle, or when taking the choke off) before it starts and stays on. Then, the bike settles to its 1200-1500RPM range which is normal.

    Then, when I take it out for a spin, as soon as I press on the clutch to change gears, instead of the engine speed dropping, it does the opposite. The engine speed INCREASES when I press the clutch!! Every gear, at every engine speed.

    OK, then when I am stopped, and the bike is at its normal 1500RPM idle speed, and I rev the engine, the revs go up and STAY UP for about 3 seconds before it SLOWLY settles down to the normal engine idle speed.

    I have replaced the throttle cable, the choke cable is fine, and have cleaned up the fuel system, but the problem remains. I am not sure if the dealer skimped on carb maintenance or spark plugs, so I am not sure where to start. Any ideas?

    Thanks everyone.
    What's wrong with my bike? Runs like crap.?
    well i guess you have a carb instead of fuel injection since you have a choke. try cleaning your carb.
    What's wrong with my bike? Runs like crap.?
    carb or injected? if carb.. i would suggest having a repair shop clean tune and sync the carbs. floats and needles.
    It's still warm here why do you need the choke.

    The clutch has no effect on the throttle,You need to throttle down when you shift, it's easy but just 1 more thing to do
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