Sunday, 5 June 2011

I have Copper Spark Plugs how often should you change them? Mine r 7 years old w/ 13,000miles/20,000km on them?

Car starts fine with them. Now without checking them which I will do anyway......AS A GENERAL RULE OF THUMB HOW OFTEN DO COPPER SPARK PLUGS NEED TO BE CHANGED?

i have ac/delco plugs.|||Your Source #1 is the Owner%26#039;s Manual - if you have one. If not, check the make and type. Visit the manufacturer%26#039;s web site and find out.

The mile interval is usually around 16,000 (or 25,000 km), but in your case the type of use would require a time-based replacement - my idea is around 5 years, not more, they don%26#039;t cost a fortune.

Some new types of plugs last (and cost) much more, around 37,000 mi/60,000 km or even more, but yours are the traditional ones (Cu electrodes have been around for decades now).|||WHAT KINDA CAR OR ? YEAR MAKE MODEL ?????? SUMMER CAR HAAHHAAHAA W/ DOES IT DO IN WINTER D-STICK|||Don%26#039;t consult your owners manual on those plugs. Consult the documenation on the plugs themself.

I would change those roughly every 15,000 miles. If you notice a miss before then, then change erlier. Also change rotor and plug wires on a see-fit basis.

I do a oil change, I buy 2 filters. spark plugs, I also replace the pickup coil for the hell of it. very cheap to replace.

This is based on older GM vehivle, 370,000 miles. Runs as smooth as the day I bought it.

I|||I%26#039;ve gone about 30,000 miles and about to change them out. I believe the 30,000 mile mark is the recommended average life span of the copper plug.

The gas mileage is just as good from when I installed the new spark plugs.

My 10 year old (145,000 miles) car still runs fine.|||The copper plugs should be replace every 30,000 miles as preventive maintenance, but them can last longer if no running problems. Or sooner if start to misfire. Time period makes no difference. They don%26#039;t go bad like oil.